In The Time Of The Butterflies Chapter Summary

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Abelove, Joan. Go and Come Back. In a story of mutual culture shock, Alicia, a young girl in a remoter area of Peru, is as fascinated by the American anthropologists as they are with the ways of her people. 2002. J ABELOVE Allison, Dorothy. Bastard Out of Carolina. Bone confronts illegitimacy, poverty, the troubled marriage of her mother and stepfather, and the stigma of being considered “white trash” as she comes of age in South Carolina. 1992. FIC ALLISON Alvarez, Julia. In the Time of the Butterflies. The four Mirabel sisters were called the Mariposas; “ butterflies”. Dede tells the story of courage that helps liberate the Dominican Republic from the dictator Trujillo. 1994. FIC ALVAREZ Chambers, Aidan. Postcards From…show more content…
Bee Season. Eliza’s extraordinary gift for spelling leads her to understand the sounds of the alphabet in a way that echoes the teachings of the mystical Kabbalah. 2000. FIC GOLDBERG Myers, Walter Dean. Monster. Steve Harmon is accused of being an accomplice to murder. He creates a screenplay of his wrenching experiences at the crime scene in jail, and on trial. 1999. YA MYERS Power, Susan. The Grass Dancer. Ending in the 1980s with the love story of Charlene Thunder and grass dancer Harley Wind Soldier, this multigenerational tale of a Sioux family is told in the voices of the living and the dead. 1994. FIC POWER Shaara, Michael. Killer Angels. Officers and foot soldiers from both the Union and Confederacy steel themselves for the bloody Battle of Gettysburg. 1974. FIC SHAARA Smith, Zadie. White Teeth. Archie and Samad, two, unlikely friends, are brought together by bizarre twists of fate and near death experiences in this epic novel. 2000. FIC SMITH Steinbeck, John. T The Grapes of Wrath. An Oklahoma farmer and his family leave the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression to go to the promised land of California. 1939. FIC STEINBECK Vreeland, Susan. The Passion of

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