Gloria Steinem: The First Nuclear Weapon

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Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem is heroine. When she was little, Gloria lived with her crazy mother. Gloria went to graduate from Smith College, and then she moved to India to study. While she was in India, she realizes just how much females were discriminated against. In India it was much worse than the USA… but still. When she came back to the United States, She became a journalist. She started the Ms. Magazine, which looks issues from a feminist point of view. Gloria Steinem made the way for independent women and made her point known to America. Gloria Steinem was born March 25, 1934 to Ruth and Leo Steinem. Leo was from a well known family in Toledo, Ohio; his dad was good at his trades and his mother was a pioneer…show more content…
The United States, realizing that if the Nazi's could possibly even, with a tiny amount of possibility, make this weapon would be making them unstoppable. So the US, not liking to be held one step below any one started their own nuclear weapons program, called the Manhattan Project. The U.S. won the first nuclear arms race when they tested the first nuclear weapon on the Alamogordo Bombing Range in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. The modern nuclear arms race, that is the race between the US, under Harry Truman, and the USSR (Russians), under Joseph Stalin, began in 1946, when the American representative of the newly formed United Nations (UN), Bernard Baruch, suggested that nuclear weapons be eliminated. The Russians refused this proposition and the arms race started. From the time between 1946 and 1949, little in the way of advances came for nuclear weapons. Americans were satisfied with their atomic weapons while the Russians were quickly trying to create their own atomic force. They succeeded in August of 1949 with their first nuclear test. The Americans responded to this test with the development of the Hydrogen Bomb
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