I Love You with All My Brain Essay

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I Love You with all My Brain: The Phenomenon of Love The human being experiences many emotions and feelings in their life time. The feeling of love is arguable one of the strongest. In order to understand why love has such a compelling effect on us, we must first examine the origins of the emotion; where it comes from and the purpose, if any, that it has such a strong influence on us. In order to objectively investigate this we must take into consideration the power that the concept of love has on our psyche. How we have been taught it, and how it is been passed down from generations; and the effect that has on our perceptions of love. The stories of love have ingrained themselves in our minds and have sub-consciously controlled our hearts. People in our culture observe February 14 as the day to express love and devotion to their significant others, usually by exchanging tokens of affection. The standard gift of choice would be a box of chocolate, flowers and perhaps a card. The common feature of these and any other gift given will be an image of the heart, which looks nothing like the actual muscle that pumps life- sustaining blood through the body, but the picture of the heart we have been brought up to imagine when we speak of love. The chocolate will come in a heart shaped box, the card will have images of hearts, perhaps even shaped like a heart, the flowers, usually roses, will be red, to represent the heart. When we think of love the first image that comes to mind, for many of us, is the heart. In our language the heart is used repeatedly to express and depict love: “I love you with all my heart”. When love is lost it is the heart that suffers the consequences: “my heart is broken”. Love, according to everything we have been programmed to believe, is a condition that comes from and directly affects the heart. In our present day culture the words love

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