I Don't Design Clothes, I Design Dreams

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"I Don't Design Clothes, I Design Dreams" Catherine Banks AC 242: Fashion Journalism May 14, 2010 Designer Profile Assignment "I Don't Design Clothes, I Design Dreams" The words beneath his high-school senior picture stated "Future Millionaire". Since his birth in 1939 to an immigrant family in the Bronx, Ralph Rueben Lifshitz made all the right choices to becoming an established business mogul and distinct fashion entrepreneur. His designer intuition and innate ability to market and visualize the "bigger picture" ultimately revolutionized American fashions of today. To think, everything seemed to fall into place for one R.B. Lifshitz once he changed his last name to Lauren. Lauren worked hard to achieve his piece of the American dream. Growing up in a middle-class Jewish family, he and his three older brothers were raised by his mother, while his father, an artist at heart, painted houses to pay the bills. Enamored by the "good life", his sense of fashion was apparent at an early age when he would purchase expensive suits with the money he earned working various part time jobs. He spent much of his teenage years working summers in upstate New York as a counselor and waiter at the upscale Camp Roosevelt. During the course of the school year, he worked part-time jobs in various clothing department stores. Lauren made it a point to be surrounded by the upper-class lifestyle, and, as a result of this, has been known to exude a signature “preppy look” since the age of 12. By his high school years, he had fully adopted the businessman prep style and title, sporting sharp shouldered blazers complete with a necktie (which he also sold to fellow classmates during his time at Salanter Academy and later DeWitt Clinton High School). Shortly after graduating from DeWitt, Lauren enrolled in Baruch School of Business and Civic Administration of the City

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