I Can Ride My Bike with No Handlebars

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Flobots became famous by the song called “Handlebars”. This song was a hit among teenagers nationwide. Flobots released this track to tell the nation about the power abuse. Two friends tell about their lives when they take two different paths. One of them chooses the path of a normal person and the other friend takes the path of business. Flobots’ music video and lyrics in “Handlebars” bring out the meaning of the song with actual lifetime moments to touch inside of each individual. The song and the music video are both made for the nation to understand the true meaning the lyrics. Flobots’ most successful song and music video was “Handlebars” when they released their first album. To begin with, the music video is animated. The video animation starts with relaxed scene, where two young friends sitting on a grassy hill, looking over an urban. The two friends start riding their bikes with their hands off the handlebars. They arrive to a sign which points to two directions, one is a picture of corporate-looking symbol and the other is a picture of a dove. The guys leave their bikes on the floor, hug each other and go two different directions. Then the song continues on the friend who chooses the dove’s path. He walks on cracked street and sees people dancing and starts waving at them. Next, he sees a chalk drawing of two friends on the floor riding bikes with no handlebars, as he did with his friend. He grabs his phone and looks at his friend’s picture. Next, at this point, the viewpoint changes to his friend who chose the corporate path. The corporate friend walks in downtown with all tall building surrounding him. It starts showing his accomplishments when he stops in front of the same tower he saw with his friend from the hill. In that tower he does a business and gives a presentation to a business people in a board room. The next scene features the ‘dove’ where

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