Analysis Of Teens Tattos

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The article, “On Teenagers and Tattoos” is written by Andres Martin and explains how mostly teenagers have tattoos. In today’s society, the new fashion trend or accessory is a tattoo or piercing for younger people. It is very common for tattoos these days, especially visble ones and multiple tattoos. One of the concerns with tattoos or piercings is that they can be irreversible and be permanent. Tattoos can be a source of peer pressure and needing to belong or fit in with the “popular group.” Even in family situtations, a tattoo can be a way to rebel because they feel out of place in their family. However, some teenagers get a tattoo so they can be different and stand out from the other many teenagers. Tattoos can be evidence of a relationship when it feels like it doesnt exist. Having a tattoo of a name or date can help you remember what it was like when that person has gone away. Even from an early age imagination helps create the vivid fantasy of a tattoo. Likewise, a tattoo can serve as and “anchor” for stability and consistency, when all else seems to change in our lives. Even though that tattoo might be “stable,” our world is always changing. For example, if a face is tattooed on you when they are just a child, then as they grow older, the tattoo will remain from when they were younger and not look like them anymore, like they do now. There are many more different psycholgical reasons that people get tattoos, but we shouldn’t judge them for their

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