I Believe That the Hebrew Scriptures Are Relevant to Us Today

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I believe that the Hebrew Scriptures are relevant to us today, as we can relate to some of the stories showing us how we can be better people, and how we can live our lives. Our Bible is full of stories to learn from, such as, myths, legends, teachings and historical articles. Parts of the story of Abraham show us about being faithful and loyal to God. God has a lot of trust in Abraham as Abraham did whatever God intrusted him to do, such as, sacrifice his own son to show he was faithful to God. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son of prophet, God told Abraham to stop and use a sheep instead. So when God had trusted Abraham with all these things a lot of responsibility came upon him. Even though there are a lot of stories in the bible that teach us, I chose Abraham because he did all these things for God. Now relating to us today, we can do all these things that Abraham had done for God but we could do all this for a friend, a family member or even a stranger. So are the Hebrew Scriptures relevant to us today? Yes, because they show us how we can live our lives, how we can be faithful to God, How we can act and most importantly they give us explanations about certain situations. The Hebrew Scriptures do play a very important role in everyday life. I believe that this is what God intended the Hebrew Scriptures
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