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I Am Very Bothered Analysis

  • Submitted by: lolly121
  • on March 6, 2012
  • Category: English
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Everything Matters in “I am Very Bothered” by Simon Armitage

      The poem “I am Very Bothered” by Simon Armitage communicates the situation and the narrator’s reaction to it through the content and the form of the poem, as they interconnect with each other. The poem is written to appear like a sonnet; although it does not have all of the aspects that a sonnet has, it does contain 14 lines. The style of writing in this poem suggests that it is a love poem. However, Armitage seems to have broken all the unwritten rules of a love poem since a regular sonnet includes a rhyming scheme with rhyming couplets, but he includes rhymes in unexpected places such as internal rhymes and half rhymes. Perhaps this means that this is not what is usually expected from a love poem so it makes the poem humorous for the reader. The poem is unpredictable because when reading the title and the first stanza, the reader would not formulate points for the ‘climax’ that the poet later delivers throughout the poem. The first stanza is the longest and provides the readers with background information and sets the mood of the poem. This is similar to how a short story would be set up in terms of having an exposition, then a climax. The first sentence in the second stanza is astounding as the reader would not have seen it coming as he says, “O the unrivalled stench of branded skin”. He uses a line that can be viewed as unromantic, and disturbing because “unrivalled stench” and “branded skin” are violent words; however, the diction of the words are formal and go along with the fact that the poem is a sonnet. It is obvious that the form of this poem can reveal different ideas on how it can be interpreted.

      It is important to note that the form of a poem plays a massive role in the way it is be interpreted, the content is likewise important and they tend to join with each other. The poet tends to use informal diction throughout the poem which demonstrates how the speaker seems to still...

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