Beatrice And Benedick Analysis

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In Act 4 Scene 1, Beatrice and Benedick both appear to believe that Hero is innocent and blameless. However, whilst they both have responded to Claudio's public rejection of Hero in a similar manner, their moods are dissimilar. Everyone else leaves apart from Benedick and Beatrice. Beatrice is in tears. She should cry in sadness but also express frustration and fury so that the audience knows exactly how she feels and so that they can empathize with her. Benedick asks Beatrice if she has "wept all this while." When he does so, he should express anxiety, sympathy and perhaps kneel down to match her level. Beatrice replies that yes, she has been weeping and she will “weep a while longer.” At this point, Beatrice should stand up and express…show more content…
This makes Benedick want to right Hero because he wants Beatrice to love him. When Beatrice says this, she should turn away from Benedick, cry and perhaps cast a sly look towards Benedick to alert the audience that this is the start of her manipulation. Benedick should look as if he has just found the light at the end of a tunnel and show signs of hope and desperation. A few lines later, Benedick confesses his love for Beatrice by saying “I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?” At the end of this line, Benedick asks if it is strange for him to love because they have always had a friendly war of words between each other and due to the fact that they squabble frequently. Benedick should take Beatrice’s hands into his own when he says this. Moreover, he should express love and honesty while smiling. Beatrice replies that it is strange when she says “As strange as the thing I know not,” and then she says “It were as possible for me to say that I loved nothing so well as you” but then takes this back by quickly adding “but believe me not.” Beatrice then reveals the cause of her sorrow and her true agenda, Claudio and Hero. While saying these lines, Beatrice should show signs of confusion by ruffling her hair and by walking in different directions and by altering the speed of each
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