Hypnotherapy And Smoking Research Paper

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Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation The act of smoking cigarette is not only a key preventable risk factor of diseases, but a significant cause of undue mortality. Smoking is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, vascular disease, cancer and death of smokers. A large percentage of people who engage in smoking habits are conscious of the risks that the habit poses their lives, and only a small number of current smokers are reluctant to stop the act; however, majority of smokers may not be successful in their attempt to cease smoking on their own. Although, hypnotherapy is a plausible option for smoking cessation, most research findings based on hypnotherapy as a way of ceasing to smoke, have been inconsistent on its randomization.…show more content…
Correspondingly, the proportion of dejection and anxiety in cigarette addicts, who have experienced past failures of therapies, is roughly 50 percent. The first attempters experience a much smaller percentage estimated at 30 percent (Otten et al, 2011). In view of this, it would be meaningless to carry on with hypnotherapy on an individual who would want to be assisted with ceasing smoking, but had refused to seek treatment for depression though it had been recommended in earlier diagnoses. Engaging in smoking cessation practices if the patient fails to meet the common thresholds would may be considered immoral and an unnecessary waste of the patient’s time, resources and efforts, because it is evident that long-term refraining from nicotine will not do without effective control of depression or related…show more content…
Reviews, however, of findings utilizing hypnotherapy for smoking cessation indicated that it appears apparent that nominal hypnotherapies based on Spiegel’s philosophy results to titular abstinence rates estimated at 20 percent or less (Otten et al, 2011). This may be because, hypnotherapy ignores biochemical variables such as physical aspects that show the percentage of carbon monoxide in the body, in regard to the therapies aimed at smoking cessation. It is notable that biochemical substances are significant in studies that are targeted at determining the usefulness of particular treatment options. These variants can help corroborate treatment results of

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