HUD's Goals and Objectives

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HUD’s Goals and Objectives Dorothy George University of Phoenix HHS/245 Kristen Peak, MS November 23, 2008   The increasing concern over the housing market and its effect on the economy has led the author of this paper to choose HUD as her agency of choice to review. An agency’s mission statement says a lot about the goals and objectives they intend to cover. HUD’s mission is to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination (HUD, 2005). The purpose of this paper is to review the goals and objectives of HUD. In doing so, the author will cover the following areas: Are the goals and objective long-term or short-term; are the goals and objectives manifest or latent; determine which are objectives and which are goals; evaluate the agency’s goals and objectives for one specific program. Chamber and Wedel (2005) stated, “It is important to grasp the goals and objectives of a program so as to answer the question: What is the purpose of this program or policy” (Chap. 4, p.63). It is very important for an organization to explain their goals and objectives clearly. HUD does this very well. The following list of goals and objectives was taken from HUD’s 5-year plan for the Public Housing Authority and was emphasized in recent legislation. I. Increase the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing. A. Expand the supply of assisted housing 1. Apply for additional rental vouchers 2. Reduce public housing vacancies 3. Leverage private or other public funds to create additional housing opportunities 4. Acquire or build units or developments B. Improve the quality of assisted housing 1. Improve public housing management 2. Improve voucher management 3. Increase customer satisfaction 4. Concentrate on efforts to improve specific

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