How to Bathe Your Dog

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How to Bathe Your Dog The only thing I like better then coming home to my dogs is coming home to clean dogs. Their fur is so soft I could pet them for hours and the day’s stress just melts away. Having a clean dog is beneficial to you as well as your dog. Proper hygiene will help minimize health problems for your dog and household by eliminating pests like fleas or other critters they could pick up while outdoors. A good bathing schedule will also help reduce shedding and pet dander, remove any fecal matter caught in the fur, provide an opportunity to inspect and clean their ears, and will help minimize itching and skin irritation for those dogs that have outdoor allergies. Normally you should bathe your dog about once a month. However, if your dog often plays outside, I recommend a weekly rinse without shampoo. Bathing your dog may seem like a simple task but it can also be a little tricky. Proper planning is essential to successful bathing. Get your supplies ready before you start: dog shampoo, towels, wash cloth, water pitcher, and (of course) special treats. Do not use regular human shampoo; it can be harmful to your dog. There are harsh chemicals in regular shampoo that will dry out a dog’s coat and can cause skin burns. Buy a dog shampoo based on your dog’s needs: some help with flea control, some are for sensitive skin, and some are hypoallergenic. I use the brand called “Fresh and Clean” with oatmeal and baking soda; it leaves my dogs smelling fresh and their coat clean and soft. Place these supplies in the bathroom or wherever you plan on bathing your dog. You may also want to change into your bathing suit or other clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Next, get your dog to where it needs to be. You can do this by using a calm and positive voice to call it to the bathroom. This can be tricky; if this is not its first bath it

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