How Successful Were Search and Destro and Defoliation Tactics

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I think that search and destroy tactics and defoliation weren’t very successful. I think they weren’t very successful because of all the negative sides the tactics caused .I feel that anyone who thinks that these tactics were a good idea, are idiots the only outcome these tactics had were death and destruction for the locals. Defoliation is where Usa planes would fly over and spray defoliants on plants or trees to uncover something. the defoliants, when sprayed on the trees, would dissolve them because the defoliants are a type of acid. Search and destroy tactics are where scouts would find a camp of Vietcong and then troops would be flown in by helicopters and they would then hit the camp quickly leaving no survivors and then get out. The defoliation aim was to try and find the Ho Chi Minh trail because the Usa couldn’t find it cause it was under a thick layer of trees that’s why they needed the defoliation. the Ho Chi Minh trail was important because it would supply the frontline Vietcong with weapons, ammunition and extra soldiers by trailing through Laos and Cambodia into south Vietnam. The search and destroy aim was to locate enemy soldiers and then transport soldiers over and quickly as possible kill all the enemies with minimal casualties. The defoliant tactic outcome was that the defoliants failed to even uncover any of the trail and that the defoliants blew into farmers crops destroying them also it went into the water supplies and poisoned the water killing people and also causing deformities in babies. The search and destroy tactic failed miserably, as soon as they cleared out an area more Vietcong would replace the dead one’s also there was the incident at my lai where they were given false information about a town, flown in and then massacred everyone even the women and children. Overall the tactics didn’t work because they both failed to do their
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