How Significant Was the Role of Individuals in Improving the Position of African Americans in Society from 1877-1945?

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How significant was the role of individuals in improving the position of African Americans in society from 1877-1945? To a large extent the role of individuals was significant in improving the position of African Americans in society from 1877-1945. However it has been argued that the organisations and increasing support from the federal government is the reason behind the real change. Although it would have appeared that way, the real change lay behind the individuals, such as A. Phillip Randolph, Du Bois and Marcus Garvey, who established groups to go forth and question the current status quo. Similarly to the first all-black trade community in which Randolph established, due to the fact they knew their voices would not be heard. Therefore individuals, such as Randolph, in America during this period were the key to spreading of ideas, which would therefore unite people and give the Civil Rights Movement the true push into society that was desperately called for, in order for a better future for African Americans. Raising black consciousness like Garvey did so that it was believed to take pride in their heritage and go against the discrimination in America. There were many important individuals from 1877-1945, some such as A. Philip Randolph, Marcus Garvey, Du Bois, Roy Wilkins and Eleanor Roosevelt directly who were working to change the situation for African Americans, and others such as the poet Langston Hughes, jazz musician Duke Ellington and boxer Joe Louis which helped spread black pride and boost morale. However, one of the most well-known, and influential, black individuals to come out of this period of time was Marcus Garvey. Garvey was a strong believer in racial pride which he demonstrated through his elaborate ‘president of Africa uniform. He also was proud of his self-respect and self-reliance, therefore attempted to set in motion a ‘back to Africa’
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