How Is The Story Told In Chapter 6 Of Great Gatsby Essay

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How is the story told in Chapter 6 of Great Gatsby? Fitzgerald exposes Gatsby’s true identity through Nick’s narration in this chapter. By starting the chapter with a reporter maybe Fitzgerald wanted to spark interest with the readers as to why Gatsby’s been reported on, again this adds to Gatsby’s ambiguous character from previous chapters. Nick then continues a short encounter with a narrative of Gatsby’s true past, by choosing to give some background knowledge of the main protagonist Gatsby, it helps the reader to understand why the upcoming events happen. The tense changes throughout this chapter, from present tense to Nicks narration, the reason why Fitzgerald jumps from different tenses is to characterize Gatsby, we learn more about the eponymous character of the novel. Nick is quite critical of Gatsby’s less lavish past he describes it as ‘vast, vulgar an meretricious beauty’ Fitzgerald refers to the green light again and it symbolizes Gatsby's hopes and dreams of meeting the idealistic Daisy that he remembers falling in love with 5 years ago. However, the green light disappears when Gatsby begins to realize that she is not the perfect woman that he met before. In Chapter 6, Gatsby says “And she doesn’t understand. She used to be able to understand. We’d sit for hours” which signifies that Gatsby admits that Daisy has fallen behind the faultless woman that Gatsby had imagined or remembered. The green light could also stand for the money and riches that Daisy has and Gatsby strives for. In Chapter 1, the green light is on Daisy’s dock while Gatsby is reaching out towards the green light. Fitzgerald uses the character of Dan Cody to subtly suggest that the America of the 1920s is no longer a place where self-made men can thrive. Cody, like Gatsby, transcended early hardship to become a millionaire. Like Gatsby, he is remarkably generous to his friends

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