How Far Did Life Improve For Russian People After

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After 1905 the Tsar seemed to be giving in slightly and live did improve for people in little ways, people were mostly worse off than before though. Although the Tsar started a Duma he did not give them much power and he still made most off the decisions. For the first three Dumas the Tsar did not work with them at all but by the fourth he began to. The Duma could also just be completely dissolved by the Tsar at any time. For some peasants life did improve dramatically, Stolypin set up banks that would help peasants get loans and buy land. This was a huge improvement for peasants as they were getting more freedom, this may have been because they would murder their landlords. This lead to improvements in farming this therefore lead to an industrial boom and made Russia the world’s fourth largest producer of coal, pig iron and steel. Only 15% of peasants took up Stolypin’s idea though. As for the Dumas, they could not pass laws, could not appoint ministers and could not control finance. The first two Dumas were radical and demanded more power and rights for peasants, this may seem like a good thing but these Dumas were both dissolved by the Tsar for being too radical. Stolypin may have helped many peasants buy land and improve farming but he also had a reputation for being particularly tough. He set up many military courts where people could be sentenced and hung on the spot. In fact, the hangman’s noose became known as Stolypin’s necktie. It may have seemed that Stolypin helped peasants but actually a lot of poorer peasants were forced to sell their land and work for other peasants. Overall life did not get much better for people in Russia, there were many signs that life should have improved like the creation of the Dumas but life did not actually improve enough to
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