How Does Shirley Jackson Use Symbols In The Lottery

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Symbolism Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is a short story about an annual lottery draw in a small rural town that has been held for over seventy-seven years. Every year all the families gather for the yearly event to draw and see who will be randomly chosen to be violently stoned to death by friends and family. Shirley Jackson uses symbolism in names, objects and even the setting to obscure the meaning and the purpose of the lottery. Furthermore, I will interpret and explain what I believe those names and symbols signify. The names of each character hold a significant meaning to the plot of the story. Jackson uses symbolic meaning in the names of her characters to indicate and foreshadow what is to come, after the lottery has been conducted and a winner is selected. The name Summers is the sir name of the lottery officiate. His name symbolizes the time the lottery is conducted; summer time on June 27. Mr. Graves is the man who’s name hints where the winner will end up which is in the grave. Little Davy is symbolic of the biblical David. Just as the biblical David uses a stone to bring down Goliath, Little Davy uses a stone to cast at Tess. Mrs. Delacroix’s name means “of the cross” in Latin which I think refers to the biblical crucifixion of Christ. Adam was the first man called to the…show more content…
She indirectly implicates the truth and meaning of the lottery through the names and objects in the setting. I believe the lottery shows us how following a tradition closed minded could lead to unnecessary cruelty. Mr. Hutchison participates in his own wife’s stoning. When in a assemble group, people usually lose their individually and often peer-pressured. Mr. Hutchison went from joking with his wife to helping the villagers stone her to death in a blink of an eye. A society so caught up in tradition and ritual that is lost the ability to look at the reason for the tradition, instead continues to follow it
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