How Does Lord Of The Flies Start A Civilization

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Lord of the Flies Essay ¬¬¬¬ Can you imagine being stranded on an island without any adults. Would you try to start a civilization or would you act a wild animal. In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a plane crashes on an island, leaving many young boys stranded without any adults. At first the boys attempt to start an organized civilization with one of the boys, Ralph, as the leader. As time goes on the boys revert to animalistic behaviors, such as hunting with face paint, crawling on all-fours, and brutally murdering animals. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, natural instincts to revert to savagery overrules the instinct to start a civilization, which is ultimately When the novel first starts the boys attempt to start an organized civilization. Ralph takes control, calling the boys to a meeting with a…show more content…
It first starts when the twins Sam and Eric leave the fire to go hunting with Jack. During this time, they do manage to catch and kill a pig, but also let the fire go out. This would not have as huge of deal, had a ship not passed by. Ralph and Jack get into a huge fight and things are not the same after that. Later they end up splitting into two separate groups. Jack and most of the boys go off to another part of the island, while Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Sam, Eric, and the littleuns stay. Jack and the others host a feast and invite the others to join. For the feast the murder a mother pig by stabbing her, and shoving a spear up her. This is extremely terrible and animalistic of them to do. At the feast they develop a circle and chant morbid sayings. They even end up killing Simon. This is when they really pass the line. Killing one of their own is turning them extremely savage. In the end of the novel, the boys have completely reverted to the instinct of savagery. At eh end of the novel Jack and his group end up hunting Ralph. They have an organized system of hunting
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