Lord of the Flies Ptds Ch 7-12

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Chapter 7 1. When the boys first stop to rest, Ralph first longs for a bath, toothbrush, and haircut (96). 2. When he contemplated the sea he dreamt of waterfalls, and Simon knows that he is really longing to be rescued (97-98). 3. Jack and the boys went too fast and lost the boar when it charged at them, and when it charged Ralph tried to aim at it (99-101). 4. Afterward, Roger is made to play the pig in a mock pig-killing scene (101). 5. Three boys continue on to the mountain, Jack, Ralph, and Roger (106). 6. When they get there all they saw of the beast was its head and face, and when it moved its head, they all ran back to the bottom of the mountain (109). PT: The boys all start to really want to go home, and then three boys went up to the mountain, and then they saw the beast, and ran back to camp. Chapter 8 1. Jack calls an assembly and says that Ralph is a coward like Piggy, Ralph doesn’t think the hunters are any good, and Jack declares that Ralph is not a proper chief (111-113). 2. Before Jack leaves the assembly, he is rejected and states that he is going out to his own tribe, and anyone who wants to join him may do so (113). 3. Piggy has a radical idea concerning the fire; they should have it down on the rocks (114). 4. While most are building the fire, Piggy supplies them all with a fruit feast (118). 5. When Jack and his tribe go out hunting, Roger stabs and kills a sow, and then they reenact the piglet’s death (119). 6. Jack later converses with the pig’s head about the nature of the beast, and says that the head will be a gift for the beast (122). 7. Jack’s raiding party steals a branch (123). 8. The beast threatens to eat Simon if he thinks he can out do the beast (127-128). PT: Jack finally leaves Ralph’s tribe, and the Lord of the Flies threatens to kill Simon. Chapter 9 1. While
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