How Does Hosseini Tell the Story in Chapter 7 of the Kite Runner Essay

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Khaled Hosseini uses tells the story in “The Kite runner” through Amir. Amir’s narration in chapter 7 is told in an emotive way by the use of imagery and different tones that conveys not only his feelings but the overall atmosphere of the settings. Hosseini uses chapter 7 as the defining moment for the rest of the novel by including important scenes that impact both Amir’s and Hassan’s future relationship. He constantly puts his hidden messages towards the beginning to reflect the end of the chapter. The conversation between Amir and Hassan has Amir’s describing that moment to indicate the nature of his relationship with Hassan. We see Hassan serving him, like a Hazara does for a Pashtun, and telling Amir about his dream, which shows their friendship. Hosseini seems to have put that at the beginning to inform us once more of their relationship before it fluctuates later on. Some pleasant imagery is used of the weather and kite competition. The “blameless blue” sky has ironic implications of the blame we will soon put on Amir for betraying Hassan. Snow, symbolic of purity and virtue, is used to contrast with the image of the snow “stained black” at the end by blood, which symbolizes death and defeat. Lastly, Hassan describes the day as one with “no monster…just a beautiful day” which Hosseini includes paradoxically as the day eventually ends up being extremely horrifying for Hassan after the rape by Assef, the ‘monster.’ Hosseini tells the story in a concealed yet informative way by linking aspects o at the beginning of the chapter with the outcome at the end of chapter 7. Hosseini often refers to elements that hint flaws in Amir and Hassan’s relationship due to their differences in class and the strong bond they often have. With Hassan constantly calling Amir “Agha,” it conveys the limitation their relationship has as Amir is more superior. Hassan excitedly

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