How Does Anthony Evans Create Tension In The Lighthouse

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The Lighthouse By Audrey Evans In the Story “The Lighthouse” By Audrey Evans: The Writer creates a good use of suspense and tension throughout the story to keep the reader focused and excited to read on. In the story there is a lot of Suspense and tension built up which I will go on to talk about. The Lighthouse tells a story that is about two siblings Megan aged 10 and Bobby aged 3 who have walked away along the beach away from their parents leaving them behind and decide to walk up to the lighthouse. Bobby had some tantrums along the way and Megan never put up with any of them so she made continuous threats and one was “If you don’t be quite I will slap your face” Bobby never really had a choice whether…show more content…
This shows tensions was used because they have been left at a lonesome beach and have nowhere to go if he turns out to be dangerous. The writer then uses a form of suspense when the a by passer walking her dog notices Megan’s violence towards Bobby and if she will do anything about it “Is that big girl hitting you?” and as Bobby doesn’t give anything away she continues to question “Do your parents know you’re here in this lonely place?”. This shows that the by passer notices that something is wrong and maybe the parents have neglected their children. When Megan and Bobby separate and Megan goes back to find him she finally notices him from afar and the closer she gets the more she realizes the man standing near “He was hovering a few yards behind Bobby” as she runs toward him she slips over on a rock covered in seaweed and falls over coming close is the man with a grip on Bobby and he then smuthersher killing her and when he takes Bobby away “a breeze sprang along the shore” and then the readers uses tension when the boy is questioned with should we phone an ambulance and he replies no . “Her body making a groove for itself in the sand”

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