How Did The New Deal Survive The Great Depression?

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Help was the only and the only way out the Americans could escape the Great Depression, and they relied on the FDR- Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt gave hope to the poor and promised that he will first help the forgotten people of the economic ladder. These forgotten people were known as the poor. Before the Great Depression these people were already poor. When the great depression started the Wealthy dropped down to the middle class and the people in the middle class dropped down the economic ladder to the poor economic ladder. When the US first went into this depression Herbert Hoover didn’t care about the poor. Herbert cared about the wealthy and the middle class, but did not care about the poor because they were already poor in the Social ladder. When the election came FDR became president.…show more content…
The New Deal laws and regulations affected banking, the stock market, industry, agriculture, public works, relief for the poor and conservations of resources. After making laws and regulations for the rest FDR didn’t forget the farmers and agriculture. On May 12, Congress passed the AAA or the Agricultural Adjustment Act. The act had 2 goals: to help raise farm prices quickly, and to control production so that farm prices could stay up over the long term. In the AAA’s first year the supply of food outstripped the demand. The AAA could raise prices by paying farmers to destroy crops, milk and livestock. To control production and farm prices the AAA paid farmers to leave some of their land uncultivated. For example if the markets demand for wheat and cotton decreased the AAA would give money to farmers as subsides which are grants of money given to farmers or any other
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