How Did Hippies Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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Make Love Not War While the popular anthem of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll sent shock waves across America, the message of peace and love brought light to the new civil rights movement and the devastating war in Vietnam. At the center of this revolution was the hippie. Often referred to as freaks, stoners, and lazy, dirty, bums, the hippie experienced extreme social discrimination. What most failed to realize was that hippies were actually the most influential figures of the time period. Hippies were vital to American counterculture, fueling a movement to stretch accepted values, increase environmental awareness, and open ears to a generation of new music. A vibrant community of rebellious culture has always existed in America. One of the biggest rebellions was the protests on the Vietnam War, the Civil rights Movement, and the advancement of fashion by hippies. The protests against the stupidity and brutality of war began in Berkley, California in 1965 and were strictly against the accepted values of the time. As the protests continued they eventually put enough pressure on our government influencing them to bring our troops home, thus ending the United States’ involvement in Vietnam and releasing the Vietnamese from foreign colonial occupation. Many hippies joined forces with the Civil Rights Movement and believed that everyone was equal and that no one had the right to tell them otherwise. Hippies took part in…show more content…
The youth of the country explored beyond the conservative ways of generations before them, challenging prior beliefs. In many ways, they shaped society and politics today. The effects of the decade lasted more than forty years and will continue to influence American culture for generations to come. The hippie culture and fight for equality remain the most memorable parts of the 1960s. Just think where we would be if the young people of America decided to keep their
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