Explain Why the Vietcong Were Able to Win Popular Support in South Vietnam Between 1956-63 Essay

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The relationship between Vietnam and America began to crumble. War was left right and centre and chaos took over the lives of the Vietnamese people, wanting a leader- someone who could fight for them and their rights. The Vietnamese were strong people, using many tactics to become independent and not be controlled by other countries. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietcong, he wanted freedom for the people, and being the nationalist he was, he was ready to fight for his freedom and his country. He created the Vietcong, and soon he followers began to grow and grow. Ho Chi Minh was the leader from the North of Vietnam, although using vicious methods, majority of the Vietnamese people agreed with him and his views for Vietnam to be an independent state- to be left alone by larger countries, such as France (twice) and China, who had already tried to dominate over them but alas had lost. But America persisted to assist the South, due to President Truman, helping the French, which he believed it was their duty so that ‘Indochina does not go behind the Iron Curtain’ (Vice President Nixon). Soon, the Vietcong were faced by a greater threat- America. A great force, with riches, soldiers and weapons pumping all these good into South Vietnam, however; Khrushchev (Russian leader) aided the nationalist turned communist North. Ho Cho Minh used this to aid his men and Vietnam. However, back in the South of Vietnam, the Americans had elected a man to help keep control- Ngo Dinh Diem. Diem was a catholic from a wealthy and educated background, perfect for the Americans to use as their ‘puppet’. However, the South Vietnamese people did not feel the same way. Diem was a catholic, whilst the majority of Vietnam was Buddhist. Diem refused Buddhists to celebrate their religion and anyone who did so was severely punished. Some had already begun to turn to the North by then. Diem

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