Hospital Ward Scenario

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In the hospital ward scenario where there was a patient suffering from dementia, my first recommendation was that cleaners should be trained regularly on how to clean dirty cups properly and should be ensured the consequences for the patients if this was not done properly. I recommended this because if cleaners are trained regularly and reminded on how to clean cutlery properly, and were ensured that this should be done as regular as possible. This recommendation could be referred to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) because this act includes safe training for the employees, in this case the cleaners. It includes high standards of hygiene which fits into this recommendation because the training involves ensuring how to clean dirty cups properly. (, Accessed 04/10/13). Training cleaners on how to clean up after the previous patient properly and how the cups and plates should be put away, stops harm because if the cleaners had more training and cleaned up properly, there would be less infection being spread as there would be less bacteria around the ward. It also maintains the respect and dignity that should be provided for the patients that are cared for. If the recommendation was not reached, patients would be harmed by catching viruses and infection. In this case, if a patient in the ward was to catch one off these infections from dirty cups, it would be harder for them to recover due to them being elderly and having a lower immune system than someone that was young and healthy, so in some cases little infections like this from been given a dirty cup to drink from can sometimes lead to death. Another recommendation that was made in the scenario in a ward which included a patient suffering from dementia was that staff should be trained more regularly on how to manage patients when lifting them to different places. I recommended that
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