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2. 30/(4 x 7) = 107% 30/(5 x 7) = 86% 3. a)Same as above b)30/(4x5) = 150% 30/(5x5) = 120% Correct equation: If 4 pharmacist do all the work then: Arrival Rate = 30 Service Rate = 6.19 No. Phar = 4.00 Utils % = AR/[SR*#] Utils % = 121.3% To come up with Service Rate add the total time of the steps together. 2. As a baseline measure for one time period, what is the labor utilization if 30 prescriptions arrive between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Monday and four or five pharmacists are on duty doing all seven steps? (You do not have the data to evaluate staffing levels by hour of the day for Monday.) If 4 pharmacists does all steps then Utilization = 107% If 5 pharmacists does all steps then Utilization = 86%. 3. Clearly identify two other ways to group and divide the work among the medical technicians and pharmacists, compute labor utilizations, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each job and process design option. (1) All work steps 1 thru 7 is done by the pharmacists. The advantages are there is only one person touching the prescription from start to finish which leaves less room for errors. Also a possibility to remove some steps. Disadvantages - The pharmacists is doing work a technician could do, takes away from patient consulting time. (2) Have technicians do more steps . The advantage is having less work for the pharmacists will free up time for patient and doctor questions. The disadvantages are more chances for mistakes. 4. My recommendation according to my calculations are to use option 2 as labour utilization is higher. The Pharmacy could buy an computerized prescription system so they only accept electronic prescriptions, that could cut the step of having to call the dr due to illegible handwriting. The main priorities are patient safety, lower errors, and service

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