History of Puff

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The Truth Origin of "Puff the Magic Dragon" Originally the lyrics to this wonderful song were written by a young man named Leonard Lipton. He was inspired after reading the poem by Ogden Nash titled: The Tale of Custard the Dragon, to write a poem/lyrics of his own. Custard the Dragon was about a fierce looking dragon that was really quite cowardly until a pirate came and broke into his master's house, it was then he courageously protected the house before lapsing back into his cowardice. Lipton wrote the most of what is now Puff the Magic Dragon with the intent on it being innocent. It was supposed to a tale of boyhood and how 'little boys' grow up and childhood fantasies fade away as they age. Leonard left his poem in the hands of Peter Yarrow, who made some revisions and turned it into lyrics. The group Peter, Paul, & Mary made it a popular and well known song. The False Drug References The 'Controversy' I've heard many different things about this song and how it is related to drugs. Some include the name 'Puff', being a puff of smoke from a joint. When in reality it is quite clear that the dragon is called Puff because dragons snort smoke through their noses/nostrils and it's a 'cute', cliché little name for a dragon. Others are that this make believe world of Honah Lee is the effects of getting high on drugs. But it is supposed to symbolize a child's imagination and innocence; their over creative minds and the imaginative fantasy adventures they go on. I've even found on Wikipedia that "dragon" is supposed to be "draggin'", as if to take a 'drag' off a joint. At least that is my interpretation of "draggin'." Is there a reason to go in depth about its true meaning? A dragon is a dragon; the mythical creatures that often have wings and can breathe fire. It is quite easy to turn the innocent meanings into drug related ones. But you can do
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