Historical Critisism the Sand Reckoner

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The Historical Criticism The Sand Reckoner by Gillian Bradshaw is a book that gives us a great view of the life and culture of the Greek in early times. Bradshaw’s book the Sand Reckoners main character is Archimedes, and Bradshaw creates a narrative that fits best with the accurate facts we know about him. Archimedes used mathematics and physics to create War Machines to help the Greece in war against Italy. Archimedes isn’t just known for his war machines but he also created another machine called the Water Snail. In his name the Water Snail is also known as the “Archimedes Snail”. Bradshaw uses characters such as King Herion the second and Archimedes father Phidias who Archimedes associated with in his life time to make parts of the book historically correct. He also uses fictional characters threw out the book to make a well-developed plot and book. The following is historically correct in the book The Sand Reckoner.” The first Greeks to colonize Syracuse had settled on the promontory of Ortygia.” Archimedes was born in Syracuse Sicily which at the time was under Greek control. Archimedes fathers name is Phidias who works as an astronomy teacher. In his early teens Archimedes moved to Alexandria Egypt to study his love for mathematics and physics. Here in Alexandria, Archimedes studied with scholars at the great museums to study mathematics where he “would spend full nights at the museum”. While also in Alexandria, Archimedes created his great invention the Water Snail. The Water Snail is made up of tubes and iron hoops and with physics also involved “the water runs up a tube; as the tube ran down the spiral, and then along it as it turned on”. The Water snail runs downhill all the way up”. Throughout the book The Sand Reckoner there is an ongoing theme of loyalty. During the book Archimedes shows loyalty in many ways. Archimedes had to give up

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