Historical Accuracy Of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin research paper Josh Rich Honors US History Mrs. Westenberg March 2, 2012 In the United States during the early 1700s, slavery was a big economic, social, political, and historical issue. Said by a wise African American women, “Just because we aint white, don’t mean we aint livin.”(- Uncle Tom’s Cabin) This meaning black people we being treated unfairly. White people didn’t respect them at all. Uncle Tom’s Cabin shows people socially how these African American slaves were treated from their point of view. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is very historically accurate because the social events really happened for this was told from the perspective of a slave. I really liked Uncle Tom’s Cabin because without giving facts, it describes what it was like to be a slave. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is about Tom living life as a slave and how he fights for his morals and beliefs. Mr.…show more content…
This is accurate because the men felt bad for the women because they weren’t as strong and capable to carry these huge bags of cotton. These bags were usually between 24-30 pounds a day. But just like in Uncle Tom’s Cabin there was a snitch who told on any of his or her fellow slaves just to put himself in a good position with the master. The quote “ Just because we aint white, don’t mean we aint human” shows a realistic feature in Uncle Tom’s Cabin because slaves who were sick of being treated like garbage would try to words of sorrow to persuade them to give them a break instead of freedom. Slaves knew no sympathy would come from their masters so they plaid for the smallest. One thing I noticed this book that was very accurate was the slave trade. The potential owners would examine four certain areas of the slave. Their eyes, the gums, the muscles, and the condition of their hands were what the customers looked at to know the condition of the
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