Hiroshima Vs Nagasaki Persuasive Essay

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Twyman 1 Shaheed Twyman Mrs. Mangrum English 121 11/03/2014 Atomic Boom The year was 1941, Americans were enjoying their lives while other countries were fighting. Suddenly hundreds of Japanese fighter planes appeared over the island of Hawaii dropping bombs on the naval base of Pearl Harbor killing over 2,000 militants, wounding as many as 1,000 and destroying a multitude of war vehicles. This sudden attack shocked many Americans and thus the United States government was forced into the infamous war we know today as World War II. After several years of fighting against Japan, the United States had developed and tested a nuclear weapon unlike any seen previously. A weapon so powerful that it destroyed two whole cities completely and ended the war. This nuclear weapon is known as the atomic bomb. Although it ended the war, there is still one question that continues to lurk in the back of many peoples’ mind. Was the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified or could it be considered an act of terrorism? Due to the fact of being part Japanese myself, one might say that my view on this particular subject is a biased one. I agree that there may be…show more content…
One being that towards the end of the war, Japan saw many countries such as Germany, which was a fairly strong country, fall to America. Seeing such a powerful country fall, Japan realized that they were on the brink of defeat and were in the process of creating a peace treaty with America hoping that it would be accepted and the war could end peacefully. This news of Japan’s plan to surrender never formally reached the United States government however they still
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