Hiroshima Essay

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Hiroshima Questions 1) Berger begins his essay with this powerful sentence; "The whole incredible problem begins with the need to reinsert those events of 6 August 1945 back into living consciousness." What is "the whole incredible problem," as Berger describes and defines it? "The whole incredible problem" as Berger describes and defines it is when his friend from America written a letter to him about the possibility of a third world war and Berger needing to read the book sent to him called Unforgettable Fire. The threat of another world war would be a result of nuclear weapons and due to the bombing on Hiroshima. 2) Berger argues that what happened on August 6, 1945 was "consciously and precisely planned". Highlight, underline, or flag the evidence he uses to support this claim. How does this argument support his larger purpose? Berger supports his claim by stating "The victims are chosen indiscriminately in the hope of producing a shock effect on political decision-making by their government" as well as "The two bombs dropped on Japan were terrorist actions. The calculation was terrorist. The indiscriminancy was terrorist." This argument supports his larger purpose by indicating the action was calculated and planned such as a terrorist attack in order to get the Japanese government to surrender and abide to U.S demands. 3) What does Berger mean by the term expediency? Berger uses the term expediency to mean a political advantage that was taken because "the concept of evil has been abandoned" which in other wards means the notion of doing wrong was no longer a concern allowing for the bombing on Hiroshima to occur so that the U.S. can obtain the upper
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