Heredity and Hormones on Human Behavior

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Heredity – Our heart, thyroid glands, and stomach from what I understand can have defects that can be passed down from our family generations. My mother has a heart problems and her father died from heart failure. This to me proves that my family has a history of heredity heart complications and that also must eat right, exercise, and have regulatory doctor check-ups when after the age of 40. Thyroid glands from what I understand but don’t have any history with are heredity trait that obesity people have to deal with. This heredity problem would be a reason why a big person could excuse their weight on a heredity problem. To me our human behavior to find easy excuses when needed, half and half could be thyroid or on the other hand they love food. Or, if a person is poor they cannot be able to go to the doctor to see if they have a thyroid problem. Hormones – Hormones could be one of the problems why people have problems with their bodies. There are two different types of hormones. There is the steroid hormone and the peptides hormone. The Steroid Hormones are sex hormones and the peptides hormones are to help regulate other functions, such as sleep and sugar concentration. These peptides hormones are made from long strings that is called amino acids, but sometimes there known as "protein" hormones. Such as the Growth hormone, such as an example, it helps all of us burn fat and helps us build up our muscles. Another peptide hormone, such as insulin, this starts the process to help convert sugar into cellular energy. For my understanding, Hormones carries messages from your glands to your cells to help maintain your chemical levels of your bloodstream. Hormones also acts as an catalyst this is for other chemical changes that happens with the cellular level that necessary is for growth, development, and energy. I am sure that all of us understand that
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