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Hedda Gabler Study Guide Questions Act I 1. In the opening pages, Mr. Tesman (George) seems to be a very bright intellectual. He strives to become a professor (specifically studies history) and was raised by his loving aunt. The action of George allowing his aunt to mortgage her annuity to provide security on the expensive new house does not lead me to believe that he is “selfish”, but more appreciative of his aunt’s sacrifices ("Oh, Auntie, will you never be tired of making sacrifices for me!"). It also leads me to believe that he is not the best well off (money wise). He also tries very hard to please his wife and loves his family members. Tesman is also of lower class than Hedda, so he also feels lucky to have her. His rival is Ejlert Lövborg that has just published a book. That fact that he can’t tell his own wife is pregnant also speaks of their imperfect relationship and his unawareness of things. 2. George’s two habitually phrases, "eh?" and "fancy that!” shows how different he is from Hedda. While she speaks very formal and witty, on the other hand we see George use these phrases very frequently; this is just another way of showing how deficient he is for her (as a husband) (the dialogue also shows their differences in social statuses). 3. Miss. Tesman is the loving aunt that raised Tesman after his parents died (with Aunt Rina, who is terribly sick). She is always insisting that Tesman and Hedda should have a baby. Aunt Tesman tries to get along with Hedda, but their difference in social classes makes it hard for them to really connect. She lives and takes care of aunt Rina, and overall is a well-meaning, kind character. 4. Hedda is a physically appealing young women (“face and figure show refinement and distinction, her complexion is pale and opaque, her steel-grey eyes express a cold, unruffled repose, her hair is of an agreeable brown, but

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