Health and Social Care (Health and Safety Legislation and Policies)

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Health and Safety Legislation and Policies The Health and Safety at Work act 1974 (also known as HSWA, HSW or HASAWA) is the prime piece of legislation in Great Britain. The Health and Safety executive enforces the act with other acts alongside it to make sure that a working environment is appropriate and safe to work in without causing any hazards that may affect a person’s health. It is the duty of any person that has control to said premises to make sure that the Health and Safety at Work act is followed and applied to the site. If anything is deemed unpractical or unsafe according to the Health and Safety at Work act whether it be substances, unstable furniture, storage, inadequate training of others and maintenance to the working in building and facilities, then measures must be taken to correct this issue. Any person should be able to enter the building without risking their health or safety. The health and safety act would be enforced in the home by: • Making sure furniture in the home is safe and sturdy and suitable for anyone to use without them being injured; • Making sure that all wires are neat and not in open spaces or under a cable tidy where people are vulnerable to trip over them; • Produce risk assessments within the home i.e. trips outside the home, events that are held within the home and general everyday procedures. In Dunstable Children’s Home, the person that is in charge of the premises, which would be a caretaker, is responsible of making sure that all furniture that is used by any employer, employee, service user or visitor, is safe and stable and that it will not cause any risks to their health. Also all substances that are deemed as dangerous to health must be locked away from the younger children because they may not know what they are doing due to them having learning disabilities. Children are going to run around a lot because
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