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Health Unit 1 Section 3 Quiz: Understanding Emotions Quiz Quiz should be worth a total of 30 points Each question is worth 3 points Generate 10 multiple choice and T/F questions from all of the objectives combined. Learning Objective 3-1: Understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it relates to emotional health. Display 2 1) A basic physical need for all humans is self-actualization. a. True *b. False 2) An example of the human need for esteem is: a. getting enough sleep. b. feeling safe in your home. *c. needing to be appreciated and valued. d. feeling loved by family and friends. 3) Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who helped to define the idea of basic human needs. *a. True b. False 4) An example of the need for self-actualization is reaching goals through self-discipline. *a. True b. False 5) Maslow’s Basic Needs are: *a. biological needs we need to stay alive such as food and shelter. b. knowing we are in control of our actions. c. the need to belong. d. the need for esteem. Learning Objective 3-2: Show knowledge about different types of emotions. Display 2 1) Fear is: a. stress from continual surprise. *b. a natural reaction to surprise or threat. c. a reaction to unexpected and unwelcome danger. d. continued hostility toward a phobia. 2) __________ is a fear that is habitual in response to imagined threat. a. A thought b. A panic attack. *c. A phobia d. Anxiety 3) Love is the expression of affection, respect and concern. *a. True b. False 4) One thing that can cause stress is: a. exercise. b. watching television. *c death of a loved one. d. getting a massage. 5) The three main emotions from which other emotions come from are: a. hate, anxiety and panic. *b. love, fear and anger. c. disappointment, love and happiness. d. fear, depression and love. 6) Someone who has xenophobia

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