Harry S. Truman's Death Of Hiroshima Was Justified?

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Andy Logic and Problem Solving November 7, 2009 Hiroshima Was Justified On Monday, August 6, 1945, President Harry S. Truman by executive order dropped an Atomic Bomb on the military base in Hiroshima Japan. The bomb called “Little Boy” killed about 140,000 people. Nine days later, the Imperial Army surrendered to the allied powers officially by signing the Instrument of Surrender. From the moment that the bomb was dropped, there has been speculation on whether it was justified and it was. Argument #1 1. Just about 140,000 people died of the bomb as I said before. But throughout WWII, millions died in the concentration camps put up by both Germany, and Japan. a. To be more specific, about how many people died of the Japanese camps?
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