A Thousand Cranes

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A Thousand Cranes 'A Thousand Cranes' by Kathryn Schultz Miller is a play that depicts a real-life event. The play summarizes the life of Sadako and her family. Sadako is a young girl who is affected by the Atom Bomb. At the age of twelve, her state, her state worsens and she finds out that her family and friends help her construct a thousand cranes. Unfortunately she dies before the cranes are finished. Many people helped Sadako finish her remaining cranes at her monument in Peace Park, Japan. WWII resulted in many changes in the world. These are evident in the nation of Japan, in the life of Sadako and in the life of Kenji. The once efficient city of Hiroshima was devastated by the violent detonation of the Atom bomb that soon engulfed and destroyed much of it. The nation of Japan was strong and powerful during the crisis of the World War. The United States had come to fear the economic power of the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the conflict with Japan. At this time during the war(1945), the Manhattan Project was ready for the first payload of the most powerful bomb in the history of mankind. The city of Hiroshima was the primary target. The city held at that time an estimated population of 300,000 to 400,000 people. According to the United Nations in 1976, the death toll of the 'Little Boy' had reached 140,000 people, give or take a couple tens of thousands of people. All buildings near Ground Zero were completely destroyed and anyone near four-kilometers of the explosion was killed and the deadly gamma radiation spread many miles out. The former economic house of Japan was left with bloody pools and rooting dead bodies."The world was filled with blinding light"(P. 226). Despite this great tragedy, the city of Hiroshima recovered drastically fast but still to this day, feels the horrific side effects of Nuclear radiation."It's only been 10 years since
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