Hamlets soliloquy's

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Hamlets soliloquy’s capture the brief moments in time in which we are allowed into his complex mind; for it is these soliloquy’s that reveal his virtuous nature, but also his redundant indecisiveness that leads him down treacherous paths of toil. Hamlets first soliloquy is about how he reacts to shocking news about his family where his mother marries his uncle only two months after his father dies. This causes him in his mind to consider suicide. In his second soliloquy Hamlet decides on a different plan where he resolves to kill his uncle, but he still has conflicting thoughts and feeling about what is right and wrong. Should he make himself feel better with revenge or with honor. The third soliloquy shows how Hamlet realizes that his conflicts in his mind cause his indecision and personal turmoil. By not having resolved these conflict he feels makes him weak. To become strong he decides to follow the path that kills his Uncle. Having resolved on a negative path he now is deciding on weather to live with himself or not, that is to end his own life rather than suffer a painful existence. He decides to live and go on with his plan. In the fifth soliloquy Hamlet now moves on to other conflicts in his being, now expressed with behavior where he will hold everyone responsible for his ideas that he has been wronged, but not his own mother. Does this make him a hypocrite? Not really, because he will still hold his mother responsible verbally. The sixth soliloquy, Hamlet now forms strategies to make the revenge killing of his Uncle more devastating by killing him at a time that he will have unforgiven sins to answer for before God. In the seventh soliloquy, Hamlet builds an entire realization about his own existence, the reasons why we do or do not do whatever we do, and that without resolved purpose, combined with a set of standards to live by, a
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