Hamlet Film Review 1996

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Hamlet Film Review Kenneth Branagh’s, 1996 film version of Shakespeare's Hamlet flourishes with a vigorous lead role of Hamlet played by Branagh himself. Branagh puts together a great adaption of Shakespeare's Hamlet as he stays fairly true to the text and makes it look absolutely authentic by having it filmed in Denmark at the magnificent Blenheim palace. Although this movie is quite long, it is full of surprises and will surely keep you interested with its compelling plot. The cinematography in this film at points is very good, however at points the scenes look poor and appear absolutely fake. Unlike most movies, this movie is shot in remarkable 65mm format which is considered epic photography, and is only used in special event venues. The cinematographer, Alex Thomson, does a great job in making the scene of the ghost of Hamlet horror-like, as he uses the technique, dollying, to bring out the full effect of the scene. However, some scenes and set dressings like the earth cracking open look cheesy and take away from the credibility of the scenes. Along with decent cinematography, this film includes phenomenal acting. The incredible cast includes Nicholas Farrell as Horatio, Julie Christie as Gertrude, Derek Jacobi as Claudius, Michael Maloney as Laertes, and Kate Winslet as Ophelia, who does a tremendous job playing the part of a crazy and insane women. Finally, Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet, who delivers an outstanding performance. Branagh’s exquisite and robust performance really brings excitement to the film and primarily makes Branagh’s adaption of Shakespeare’s Hamlet better than those of Olivier or Zeffirelli. Overall, Branagh’s Hamlet is a great movie, as Branagh really gets to the heart of Hamlet of and brings the film vividly to life. This movie is definitely worth your while and has a bit for every age. You can find this film at your local

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