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Gulliver’s Travels Essay In the novel Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift it follows the journey of Lemuel Gulliver who embarks on four different and unique journeys. Gulliver first arrives in Lilliput where he meets miniature people that are only half of a foot tall. Though they are small they are still a strong civilization and Gulliver helps them with many things. In the second part of his travels, Gulliver travels to Brobdingnag which is the land of the giants. Here he is just as small to the giants as the people of Lilliput were to him. Even though he is miniature compared those giants, there are many comparisons between Brobdingnag and European history. In the third part of his travels he ventures to the lands of Laputa, Luggnagg, and Glubdugdrib. Everybody that he meets from the separate islands are different from each other. In the final part of his travels Gulliver is voyaging to the land of Houyhnhnms which is inhabited with extremely smart horses that can speak and communicate with him. In his book swift makes many comments satirizing the eighteenth century especially his home country of England. In Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift it is mainly a book written to humor the reader with writing that satirize many aspects of European society in the 18th century; although, there are many connections with European society that can be seen in his voyages to the four places. In the beginning of his satire, Gulliver tells the reader about the story of his life, telling us how he was “the third of five sons” also Gulliver, like many boys at that time “applied my self close to studies” (Swift 1). Gulliver being “the third” connects with the idea that comes from the Agricultural Revolution of “household usually consisted of not more than five or six members” (Kagan 489).Gulliver moving out and going to start an apprenticeship and his own life connects with

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