Green Mile Essay-Strongly Negative Mode

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Analyse how techniques were used to create a strongly positive OR negative mood in ONE scene/section of the text or text(s) you have studied In the film “The Green Mile” directed by Frank Darabont, based on the novel by Stephen King, a strongly negative mood was created in the scene of the disastrous execution of Eduard Delacroix. As the film follows Paul Edgecombe and his fellow prison guards on death row at a penitentiary in the southern states of America during the 1930s, Darabont’s position against the issue of the death penalty is clearly evident in this scene. Negativity in this scene was created through various visual and aural techniques such as music/sound, lighting and camera angles. In this scene, Percy Wetmore(one of the prison guards) is given permission to carry out Eduard Delacroix’s execution in exchange for his job transfer from the prison to the Briar Ridge mental hospital. Paul Edgecombe and Brutus Howell (other prison guards) greatly dislike Percy Wetmore as he is arrogant and cocky and mistreats the prisoners. Percy calls the prison “a bucket of piss to drown rats in” and he believes he has authority over the other guards as his aunt is the governor’s wife and so looks down on everyone else. To ensure a quick death in the electric chair, a wet sponge is placed on the head to direct the electricity straight to the brain. During Eduard Delacroix’s execution Percy decides to purposely not wet the sponge causing Delacroix to endure a long, painful death. An aural technique used to create a strongly negative mood in the scene of Eduard Delacroix’s execution was sound and music. Music was used in this scene to intensify the horror of the execution taking place. The soundtrack sounded like long low horn notes in combination with loud short boom-like notes to create tension and a sense of impending doom at the beginning of the execution as Paul

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