Gothic Horror Essay

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Monkey’s Paw is written by W. W. Jacobs. It is about a nuclear family called the White Family, whom consist of Mr White, who is husband to Mrs White, and Father to Herbert, his only child. The story commences, when the family are eagerly waiting for a guest. We later learn that the guest’s name is Sergeant-Major Morris. The Major is a traveller who goes around the world, and picks up souvenirs to bring back to show, and tell stories of. The Sergeant initiates the tragedy, which later devastates the White Family by giving them a ‘Monkeys Paw’, which is set to grant three wishes, yet not necessarily good ones. Red room on the other hand is by H. G. Wells is a short story about a young man who believes very much in him self, and has gone to a big, and spooky castle that is said to have a strange ‘red room’, which is believed to be haunted. The young man meets three old people whom all have no names, yet are identified by their distorted features. He is advised not go to the room, yet he persists that he will not believe in a ghost until it has physical defiance. Later on the young man is faced with the ghost, and finds out that there is more to the ghost than it first appears. In this essay I will write on the area under discussion of how the two writers of Red Room, and Monkeys Paw create suspense, and tension in each of their short stories. Both Monkey’s Paw & Red Room have similarities, and differences, and are based on the theme of Gothic Horror. Gothic Horror stories are usually filled with horror, and romance, and mostly have interactions with paranormal events. Monkey’s Paw is situated in a rural area, which is sparsely populated, resulting in the occupants of that area being isolated from receiving any help if tragic events were to occur. This story begins like many horror tales, and from the very beginning the author makes clear that it is based on
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