Good Advice For The College-Bound By William Raspberry

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The Analysis Of The Article “Good Advice For The College -Bound” By William Raspberry. The article “Good advice for the college -bound” is a publicist essay which advocates liberal arts education against the current trend of professional one. The title of the essay gives us to understand immediately that we deal with publicist writing, which aims at affecting our opinion and even action: the phrase “good advice” shows the subjectivity of the author’s intention to set our mind on this or that track. However subjective the intention is, the compositional structure of the article confirms with the rules of any one. It contains three parts: an introduction where the thesis is introduced, a body where it supported with argumentation and a conclusion where the thesis is repeated. The thesis, actually the negation of the uselessness of liberal arts education, is represented as the result of the survey. Then it is supported with the examples of a few alumni’s successful careers, general statistics and the personal advice of ex-students and professors. And finally, the thesis is proclaimed as the survey consensus, as part of “winning combination” for professional life. Being an argumentative issue, the article employs certain argumentative strategies. The analysis of the compositional structure above points to inductive reasoning, where the…show more content…
The given article is not an exception. To its personality contribute such devices as the prevalence of the active voice. Almost all the sentences are in the active voice, for example: ”High school counselors need to get their hands on a little pamphlet..”, “A 1971 biology major…said..”, “A preponderance of the respondents…are working..” etc. We can also find the use of the pronoun I: “Its 22 pages contain more useful advice, guidance and perspective than all the high school baccalaureate addresses I’ve heard in 35 years – including those I’ve

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