Global Obesity: Nestle´ Initiatives in Nutrition, Health, and Essay

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February 2006: (II)S62–S64 Global Obesity: Nestle Initiatives in Nutrition, Health, and ´ Wellness Hilary Green This paper addresses some of the ways that Nestle is ´ making a long-term commitment to the health and well-being of consumers. In particular, Nestle, like ´ other food companies, has a role to play in improving people’s health and wellness by improving the nutritional profile of foods, by ensuring sound communication on nutrition and consumer education, and by collaborating with other stakeholders in order to improve consumer health. Key words: health, nutrition, obesity © 2006 International Life Sciences Institute doi: 10.1301/nr.2006.feb.S62–S64 or obese. Nestle, as the world’s largest food company, ´ can be part of the solution to this global epidemic. Not only does Nestle have global presence, with companies ´ in over 100 countries and factories in 86 countries, but the company also has the world’s largest private nutrition research capability. NESTLE POSITION ON OBESITY, NUTRITION, ´ AND HEALTH Nestle’s position on obesity, nutrition, and health ´ underscores the company’s commitment to doing business in a socially responsible way. There are eight points: ● Nestle considers that proper nutrition and adequate ´ physical activity are integral to maintaining good health. Therefore, the company not only makes continual improvements to the nutritional profile of its products, but is also actively involved in sports promotion (such as cricket, swimming, and ski programs) and sponsorship (such as by PowerBar) in markets across the world. ● Nestle believes every food has a role to play in ´ achieving a balanced diet. We also recognize that many consumers need help in understanding how this can be achieved. Therefore, the company’s position also addresses communication on nutrition and education. ● Nestle continues to use its significant scientific ´

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