Genesis: The Lineage Of Sin And Death

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Running head: THE LINEAGE OF SIN AND DEATH Excellent descriptive content on what sin is and what it does, as well as its development in the early history of Genesis. Well-written and nicely formatted paper. Remember to place a period after the author and before the publication date in the references on the reference page; also include the phrase Retrieved date from website or database with the appropriate information. 10/10 The Lineage of Sin and Death Angelica Camou Grand Canyon University BIB 113 07-10-09 The Lineage of Sin and Death Introduction Sin – a deliberate disobedience of the known will of God (Farlex, 2009). Death – the end of life in a person or animal, the termination or extinction of something (Farlex, 2009). The first sin is…show more content…
The Free Huntingdon Valley, PA. Jerome T. Walsh (1977). Genesis 2:4b-3:24: A Synchronic Approach. The Society of Biblical Literature (JBL 96/2), pp 168 & 177. A.M. Dubarle (1957). Original Sin In Genesis. Downside Review. pp 361. Undergraduate Writing Rubric This rubric has been accepted and is in use for University-wide assessment of student learning for the following competency: Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to collect, organize, and disseminate written information in a compelling and logical manner, and be able to demonstrate proficiency in the technical and mechanical aspects of proper academic writing. | | | | | | | |Criteria |1: Unsatisfactory |2: Less than Satisfactory |3: Satisfactory |4: Good |5: Excellent | | | | | | |

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