Legal Issues In Criminal Justice

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CRJ 550 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration Research Paper Guidelines Your major writing requirement for this course will be due at the end of Module 7. You will be provided with a number of scenarios which give rise to a variety of legal issues. Your assignment is to identify the legal issues in one of the scenarios, research those issues, and make recommendations for addressing those issues. This will really help you learn to write and correctly document a research paper. And, if you feel you already are an accomplished researcher and writer, it will enhance your ability to perform research. General Instructions 1. Technical The completed research paper should be typed in MS Word only, Arial or Times New Roman,…show more content…
Last week, the unit obtained a search warrant for a convenience store in town. An informant had given the department information that illegal drug purchases were taking place in the store. The department has never used this informant before and his credibility and reliability have not been tested. The informant has pending criminal charges against him and the supervisor of the unit told the informant that if his information turned out to be reliable, the supervisor would make a positive recommendation to the prosecutor handling the informant’s case. The supervisor of the unit prepared an affidavit in support of the search warrant application using the informant’s statements. When it was presented to the court, the judge was at lunch, so the clerk signed the warrant. Armed with the warrant, the K-9 unit proceeded to the convenience store. The owner of the store, Mr. Wrong, allowed the officers and the K-9 dog named “Happy” to enter the store without objection. Happy led the officers to a storage room and then to a trap door that was concealed under a rug. Many pounds of marijuana and several ounces of cocaine were discovered under the building. After the officers secured the evidence and were loading up their vehicles, Happy ran over to the door of what appeared to be a private dwelling located within 10 feet of the convenience store and gave a signal indicating illegal drugs at that location. The supervisor knocked on the door and was greeted by an individual, Mr. Right, who turned and ran to the back of the residence. The supervisor pursued him. Once in the house, the supervisor saw a scale and what appeared to be a large amount of cocaine and several small plastic baggies on the living room table. The supervisor arrested Mr. Right and charged him with possession with intent to distribute

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