Gender Roles In Society

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Although gender roles have evolved and changed over time due to feminism and the sexual revolution, the classic gender roles are still expected to be fulfilled. These classic, stereotypical gender roles are taught and reinforced throughout our lives by media, the beliefs instilled in us by our family, and our daily interactions. Frequently, these classic gender roles, in relation to men, are contradictive to the same expectations held for women. Through everyday exposure to our peers, physical appearance has become an important part in preparing ourselves for everyday interactions. Since childhood, women are taught to put on makeup when they go out, dress feminine, be well-groomed in order to be attractive. Every morning before school, I watched my three sisters put on makeup, straighten their hair, and take forever to pick out their outfits. These habits were instilled in them at an early age not only through my parents’ expectations of their physical appearance, but the influence their friends had on their way of dress. Just this morning I heard my now, twenty-six year old sister say that sometimes, she does not go out in public because she does not have the motivation to put on makeup. This statement only further proves how society teaches women how to and how not to present themselves in public. A woman also feels pressure to do things like go out for manicures and get her eyebrows waxed in order to be “kept up”. In today’s society, if a man were to do those same things, he is seen as a feminine man or more recently coined, “metrosexual”. Instead of being seen as a well groomed male, society feels the need to separate these types of men into one specific group. At an elementary level, children are taught gender roles and urged to follow them closely. We can see this type of gender role stereotype most easily through gender-geared toys.
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