Gastric Bypass Essay

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Gastric bypass and the lap-band surgeries have dangerous side effects to them. The gastric bypass is where the stomach is stapled so that it is reduced to the size of a small pouch. The lap-band is an adjustable silicone band placed around the top area of the stomach. During a laparoscopic surgical procedure designed to restrict food from going in. Gastric bypass has two dangerous side effects which is abdominal complication and blood clots. Abdominal complication is one instance is when leaking of the stomach acid occurs near or around the staples. This may be treated with antibiotics or surgery is usually required to prevent and major complications. A complication that sometimes follow gastric bypass is narrowing of the opening between the small intestine and the stomach. Blood clots are when obese patients are more than likely to develop blood clots in their legs. However the blood clots is dangerous as long as they stay in the legs. The major problem is when the blood clots make its way to the lungs. Some patients who smoke increase the risk of this condition. Lap-band has two dangerous side effects which is band erosion and acid reflux. Band erosion is a very rare but serious condition. This condition most likely to develop as the band device rubs against and irritates the stomach. However As of food will no longer be restricted from passing. If the patient starts to experience any of those conditions the primary doctor should be notified immediately. Acid reflux is another condition of lap-band surgery. This major condition should be reported to the primary doctor. The acid reflux can be treated with over the counter medications or prescription. If no acid reflux develops post-surgery but then develops this is caused by the band slippage could have been

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