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Freezer Pro Questions 1. What type of FreezerPro do you have? i.e. basic, standard, enterprise 2. What version of FreezerPro do you have? 3. How many sites licenses do you have? 4. How many studies do you have or will you have within FreezerPro? a. Provide study name or study acronym 5. How many sites does each study have or will have? a. Provide list of site locations and site acronym 6. Samples : a. What sample source types do you have or will have? i.e. animal or human b. Provide list of sample types to be collected during the study. (nose swabs, urine samples, blood spot, plasma, etc.) c. Provide list of where samples will be shipped throughout the study. d. Provide list of how samples will be stored. (freezer box, in a bag, etc.) e.…show more content…
Provide list of box types or bags that will be used for storage and shipping of samples. 7. What sample source types do you have or will have? i.e. animal or human 8. What sample types do you have or will have? i.e. blood spot, culture, plasma, etc. 9. What fields are you collecting on the label or would like to collect on the label? i.e. pid, date, site, sample type, sample group (admission, discharge, etc). a. Provide list of pids, alpha codes, etc. 10. Provide list of protocol events (list every event in the protocol that will result in a collected sample). 11. What type of vials and sizes are you using? 12. Do you have existing data? a. If so, how many records? b. Do you want to merge the data? c. What format do you have it in? 13. List of personnel of who will need access to FreezerPro. a. How many users b. First and last name c. Email address d. User permissions (what they are able to see and do in FreezerPro) 14. Do you have a SOP for how you collect your samples? Additionally: a. Additional sites cost $2999 (give or

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