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Sabrin Abedin Mikhail Lipinsikay Course: Comparative Literature 102W Lesson Learned Through Social Suffering: A Little Too Late From the book, The Path, Mr. Prophet quotes, “Suffering is in the grand scheme of things. It is meant to teach a lesson. Sometimes it takes a lot of repeating until the lesson is learned. Both good and bad people reap the benefits of the sunshine. Both good and bad people receive rain for their crops. Chaos and disaster befalls both the good and the bad. The difference in the aftermath of tragedy is the lesson learned or not learned.” Through the cases of Mary Shelly’s Victor in Frankenstein and Shelley’s monstrous Frankenstein, Shelley’s Robert Walton, Maupassant’s…show more content…
Lock, the lessons taught to these characters through their experiences were caused by social suffering. “Social Suffering results from what political, economic, and institutional power does to people and, reciprocally from how these forms of power themselves influence responses to social problems “( Kleinman, 1) An example of this would be Victor Frankenstein’s situation in which the institutional power of giving the spark of life to another being had led to his disaster. Kleinman also states that “Poverty is the major risk factor for ill death and health….” (Kleinman, 1) Thus, we see that Mathilde’s issue of poverty had led her to learn from the experience that she had faced which indeed led her to her lesson being taught, even if it was after 10 consecutive years. Her obsession of clothes and jewelries to delight the social world has backfired at her, in which she caused her own social suffering. Through Kleinman’s definition of social suffering, the Ancient Mariner had not only suffered through his experience of his lesson being taught, but he had taken his whole crowd along with him to suffer. In the end, it is him who benefits since it was he, who had suffered the

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